Still Busy!


My one-off hand made necklace.

I can’t believe that it’s been over a week since I posted anything new!  But I do have an excuse.  I started a new job on Monday and have been settling in.  My brain didn’t have room for much else for a few days…

Anyway, I now feel ready to get back to GlamUpcycling things and share my new ideas.

Last Saturday The Accountant and I picked up my van and she is such a cutie!  She doesn’t handle quite like my Mini Cooper and I must remember to slow down more at roundabouts.  I also need to stop wiping the windscreen when I am supposed to be indicating.  I’m sure that by the time I head off for a road trip I will have mastered her controls.

Now begins the fitting out which will have to be to an extremely tight budget, but that’s the kind of challenge I love – it brings out the creative in me I find.  I will be scouring the charity shops to see if there are any lightweight curtains I can use.  Then I need a few lengths of wood for the bed frame and a sheet of plywood to make the cupboard and shelf (cue The Accountant who is rather handy with a saw and drill around Tiny House).   Oh, and some shallow baskets to use as storage under the bed.

The most expensive item will be the mattress and I am not prepared to compromise on this.  My vision for the bed includes my huge sheepskin rug, vintage lace pillow cases and a softly coloured patchwork quilt.  I never use sleeping bags when I camp, even in a tent; I much prefer duvet and layers.

It may seem that I am going a little overboard with my interior design ideas but it has always been one of my pet hates that the interiors of caravans, campervans and motorhomes are nearly always drab.  Beige and grey seem to predominate, with the occasional splodge of orange or blue in shades your Grandmother wouldn’t want.  The one thing they do not say to me is “holiday”!  I think we’re brave enough heading off for a camping holiday in the UK under often grey skies and I don’t see why we should add to the sombre effect by billeting ourselves in dull, characterless quarters.  On a rainy day I plan to lie back on my bed of luxury with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate, surrounded by cheerful prints and antique lace, and who wouldn’t prefer that?

I think I could probably talk about the GlamVan for hours but that would just be selfish.

Although I haven’t spent much time creating this week, I have finished the Rupert necklaces.  These will make their debut at the Bath Artisan Market at Green Park Station on 10th March which happens to be Mothering Sunday, and it’s no accident that this batch features images of Rupert with his mother!  The more I work on this jewellery the more I like it and I’m now planning designs using other books, such as Dandy annuals, for a slightly more edgy effect.  If I didn’t like stitching so much I might concentrate solely on this, but I just can’t give up my first love.  And where would the world be without my gorgeous little hand-stitched heart brooches?

While I was making jewellery I completed the little necklace in the picture.  It’s made from a tiny sweetie tin found in a junk shop mixed with a small selection of new beads from my extensive collection and two shades of pretty organza ribbon.  I am always on the lookout for tiny tins because I think they make quirky and quite beautiful jewellery.  I love the old ones that used to contain gramophone needles and tiny razors among other things and I have great ideas for them whenever I find them…

This Saturday I am taking my six miniature vintage Essex hand cranked sewing machines to a vintage craft market in aid of Dorothy House Hospice and Cancer Research.  We will be making bunting on them and there will be the opportunity to try all kinds of other vintage-inspired craft activities too.  The cupcakes for decorating are cooling on the rack as I type.  I’m really looking forward to dedicating the day to two of my favourite things: craft and vintage!  And hopefully a lot of money will be raised for a truly good cause.

I really thought I didn’t have much to say today but it seems life is still busy and exciting having emerged from my first few days in a new job.  It looks as if everything is going to fit in quite nicely and I rather think I have much to be happy about.


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