Let’s Camp it Up!

Market stall and camping mugs 006

My fabulous enamel mugs posing inside my new Schiaparelli pink washing up bowl.

Are you romantic?  Well, happy Valentine’s Day if you are and happy Thursday if you are not!  Of course I’m expecting a sack-full of red padded envelopes any minute…

This week has been a very changeable one weather-wise with flurries of snow, bone chilling cold, very wet rain and now sunshine.  Really a girl does not know what to wear!

Today I find myself with a whole day in which to contemplate life, and my thoughts have immediately turned to my van which we will be collecting on Saturday.  As I have mentioned before I want it to be practical for doing markets but I also want a really kitsch and over-the-top environment in which to camp (pardon the pun).  At the moment I favour lining it with gathered fabric mounted on curtain wire at the top, middle and bottom.  It would be easy to fit and remove and would give instant glamour and comfort.  I am also planning hanging storage pockets and a small painted cupboard and shelf.  Add the mugs bought specially, the pink washing up bowl and the cute and safe candle lanterns and I think it’s coming together.  In thought at least!  There will be pictures.  Who knows, I might even inspire a few of you to create your own.  If so, I’ll see you in that field near St. Just in Penwith, Cornwall.  You know the one…  I’ll put my red kettle on ready!


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