Let Me Eat Cake…


A section of my display at the Bath Artisan Market.

So what does a girl do when she finds herself alone on her birthday?  Well, she starts by having chocolates for breakfast and then she plans a day of vintage rummaging culminating in a quest for cake.  Oh, is that just me…?

I feel I deserve a lazy day anyway after standing in the freezing conditions of Bath Artisan Market from 8.30am to 4pm yesterday.  It was a slow day as it was the first market of the year and people were probably happier to stay in the warm.  The Rupert Bear earrings were the most popular item.   I met some great people and there was a lot of interest in my little Essex machines which were helping to make my stall more eye-catching.  Quite a few people took information about the workshop parties so something might come of it yet.

While I was setting up the stall at silly o’clock in the morning I turned to see The Accountant smiling at me.  He had driven up to wish me well and buy me coffee and cake.  Then he departed like a will o’ the wisp.  Such a lovely surprise – made me feel warmer!

In other news, I have paid the deposit on my van!  It will certainly be easier to load for markets than my Mini Cooper and also brings me a step closer to that camper dream.  So now I will be planning curtains and storage ideas.  I wonder whether you can get pink tyres…?

I ran out of time last week and did not get to finish the Rupert Bear necklaces I hoped to have ready for the market.  These should be completed later this week and I’ll put up a picture then.  They have a slightly Art Deco feel because of the shapes and the colours of the illustrations.  Quite pleasing I think.

Meanwhile the jam jar idea is coming to the fore and will be getting some attention over the next few days.  I think it’s a cute idea and I certainly didn’t see anything like it at the market so it’s all systems go.

Tiny House is looking more than a little dishevelled and sad today after the manic preparations for the market so I must give it some attention – but it will have to wait until tomorrow because, in case I forgot to mention, it’s my birthday today.  Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Let Me Eat Cake…

  1. I’m so glad that I’ve found your blog as I’m currently in need of some craft inspiration and your site is lovely! Your birthday sounds lovely – it’s good to do something different and chocolate makes everything better 🙂

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