Experiments and expeditions!


My keepsake book cover design sample.

It’s funny how having too much to do brings out the best in me.  I suppose that when there is time to spare it’s easy to say “well, I can do that tomorrow because I don’t have anything else to do”…

Yesterday I made a small patchwork cushion (from a piece of curtain and a thick cotton shirt) on one of the little Essex machines to see if it could be the basis of a workshop.  Although I did manage to complete the cushion it would be a little too tricky for a beginner, so I think I’ll have to stick to strips rather than patches of fabric.  These ‘try-out’ sessions take up valuable time but are vital to ensure people really enjoy the workshops and leave with something worthwhile and pretty.  It was also good to get one of the little machines out as I haven’t used them for a while.  I am taking them to a vintage craft day in aid of Dorothy House and Cancer Research on Saturday 23rd February so I must oil them all up and check their tension!

This morning has dawned bright and sunny, thank goodness, as I am off to my storage unit to root around.  I have a huge list of things to find so I may be some time, but if I’m not back in three days please send out a search party.  I have visions of them finding me, Scott-like, with frozen eyebrows and brittle fingers, clutching a folding chair and a small box of “GlamUpcycling” carrier bags.

On Friday I am going back to choose my van.  I can’t express how excited I am as this idea has been in my head for at least ten years but has always seemed rather out of reach.  I have such plans for its interior – all of which will be removable so I can also use it for markets and shows.  (I have just looked back over this paragraph and realised how sad my excitement will make me look to the uninitiated.  But you understand don’t you?)  I look forward to posting pictures on the gallery page over the coming months.

The “Birdie Heart” design is completed and I now have four cut out ready to be stitched.  I can’t actually make up the book covers until I’ve received the books I ordered, but as long as I do all the hand stitching the rest shouldn’t take too long.

Well, I must don the all-weather gear and head off.  Where did I put that hip flask…?


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