This grand life of little things…


Rupert and his Chums…

I have had a great week thinking up new ideas and designing the products around them.  This could be my favourite part of the process and I probably spend too much time on it because I tend to go into a kind of dream state.  But then again, that’s when good ideas happen.

I did have one day when I felt a little restless, so I treated myself to a trip to Shaftesbury to rummage among the charity shops and the junky antiques.  I bought a gorgeous little “PAN AM” case complete with pale yellow and pink quilted and frilled lining, and a small metal folding stool which I will revamp and use in my camper (when I get one!).  The case will make a fabulous prop on my market stall and I shall enjoy the looks of envy from the vintage hunters.

Only one week and two days to my first market and I’m managing to tick off the list of things to do gradually.  The first batch of Rupert earrings is ready and I’m busily working on some fabulous necklace designs which are coming along a treat – I’m really pleased with them.  Take a look at the Gallery page to see how this jewellery is made.

I tend to work at a number of things at once, perhaps making up one item while also working on the designs for the next idea.  This week I have meddled with fabrics and threads to bring together something that has been in the back of my mind for a while.  For some reason I have become slightly obsessed with a “birdie-heart” design (as it has become known here at Tiny House) and I was keen to use it somewhere.  The first idea was to make a scented hanging decoration for the wardrobe, but that just didn’t satisfy me.  Then I decided to combine it with another idea for making removable covers for books that can be used as journals, photo albums and the like.  I am so pleased with this design and I’ll feature it next week.  For now it’s a series of rough sketches and fabric swatches pinned to a piece of A4 – I can’t wait to share the finished product.

On the way to Shaftesbury there is an antiques centre (Dairy House Antiques, Semley) and I dropped in to see what textiles they had.  I left with five beautiful, huge mother of pearl buttons and a bone crochet hook.  The buttons will probably be used in brooch designs and I don’t think I need to explain the crochet hook – it would have been rude not to buy it at £2.

The sun is shining here in my little corner of England and I know I have a bar of chocolate in a small drawer in my cupboard-of-all- things (well I did say it was a cupboard of ALL things!) so, as usual, life is grand…


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