It’s such a perfect day…

Pretty bunting using a curtain and two shirts. One of last week’s projects.

If I were to try and describe my perfect day it would probably look very much like last Saturday.  It was a cold but bright day and the Accountant and I drove up to the north Somerset coast for a walk along the beach.  The tide was out and the flat expanse of sand leading to a slate grey sea gave me a euphoric feeling of freedom.

Next we had a rummage through an antiques and reclamation yard before leaving the car in the National Trust car park at Dunster Castle and walking down into the village, where we enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and mooched among the little shops.

In a tiny yard opposite the second hand bookshop there was a sign for a horologist and we went in to ask about a watch repair.  The old man explained that he was about to retire and wasn’t taking any new work but we stopped to talk to him for a while and marvelled at his fabulous tool collection.  His father was the original inventor of the automatic watch, had patented the idea in 1924 and become a millionaire.  However, he was never able to re-establish the business after the war despite ploughing all his remaining money into it and his name is now largely forgotten.  You can read the fascinating history of this great British inventor at

It’s my birthday in a couple of weeks and The Accountant bought me a lovely little gold 1950s watch because it caught my eye in the window and he said it was very ‘me’ with its neatness of design and its history.  I like to think that we made a small difference to the horologist’s working day, and I always enjoy hearing people’s histories, especially if they involve any kind of creativity or tools!

A glass of real ale in a lovely country town pub finished the day off nicely and I spent the evening stitching in front of the wood burner.

Today I am having fun cutting and sanding the spare wood from my venetian blind so I can make up some funky jewellery for my market stall in February.  It’s an idea that I had tried out with plastic before but it was unsatisfactory so I’m glad to have found a new source of material.  And it’s nice to be using different tools and materials, much as I love needle, fabric and threads.

And meanwhile, in the back of my mind there boils an idea for using jam jars in a cunning and irresistible way (I hope!).  I have worried in the past about being able to sustain an upcycling business but, so far, those ideas keep coming so I think I’ll just try to relax and enjoy the journey…


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