To Market, to Market…

Production 22.01.13 004

The Tiny Production Department.

Today I have finally been able to book a place at the Bath Artisan Market!  This means I have an outlet for my work at least once a month.  It’s so nice to be working towards something definite.  This was at the top of my “to do” list today and I’m so pleased to be able to tick it off.

The market is held at the disused Victorian railway station “Green Park” so it’s under cover.  Luxury!  There will be a Valentine theme for the first market on 10th February and Chinese New Year will also be celebrated, with dragon dances and other treats.  Come on down if you are in the area!

While I was making a batch of my little heart brooches yesterday (see photo in previous blog) it occurred to me that I could honestly say that, like Goldilocks and her flowers, I liked each one more than the one before.  I was varying the colours of threads and buttons as I went and each new combination was a delight to me.  I suppose that sums up why we crafters enjoy what we do so much – nothing ever has to be exactly the same and the only rules are those we choose to make as we go along.

I have further batches of brooches to make up but I have realised they are something portable I can do in front of the fire when I visit The Accountant this weekend so I shall crack on with other things.

I’m still trying to get my head round all the jargon one has to learn to become proficient at blogging/facebooking/website building.  If only all providers used the same terms to refer to the same things it would make our lives a lot easier.  I wonder how much time the average small business proprietor spends dealing with such on-line matters?  I have huge admiration for those such as Laura After Midnight (see link) who find time to post so many interesting snippets on their blogs.

Tiny House seems to be struggling to keep itself (and therefore me) warm today so I think the outside temperature must have dropped again.  A very light powdery snow is falling and the light is just beginning to turn towards dusk. Hot chocolate time I think!

There’s a pile of fabric at my feet, they have just played Kate Bush on the radio and, all in all, life seems rather good…




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