Waiting and Stitching…


I DO like a couched thread…

As I mentioned in a previous Blog, I am waiting for my domain name to be released so I can move it to a new provider and start building a new website.  And now I am also waiting to find out whether I have a pitch at the Bath Artisan Market (www.bathartisanmarket.com).  Sometimes it seems that one of the main features of setting up a small “handmade” business is waiting and worrying.  But I have such lovely visions in my head of what I want my business to look like that I am able to keep myself calm and happy.  Honest!

The sitting room and kitchen at Tiny House are knee-deep in fabrics of all descriptions as I type.  I am in the process of designing and making products for the market I hope to attend on 10th February and am resolved not to hit the charity shops until I have made at least a sizeable dent in the fabric stash I already have.  But I always work on a small scale (see the brooch above) so it’s going to take a while!

I love to hand stitch, my “cupboard of all things” is working much more efficiently since its clear-out and the Bose is playing The Buena Vista Social Club, so all in all it’s been a mellow morning…


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