Let it NOT snow!


Ah, look – a little corner of Tiny House.

Somebody has stolen my car and left a large pile of white fluffy stuff in its place.  The snow, though very pretty, has brought about a calamity: my beginners’ crochet group has been postponed until next week !  I was all geared up for a bit of hooking and also looking forward to meeting some crafty people in my new home town.  I had on my rugged boots and everything.  But maybe this means I can start playing the Michael Buble Christmas Album again..?!

The Accountant is supposed to be driving up from the deepest lanes of Somerset for the weekend but will he make it?  I am lucky that I live within walking distance of all the necessaries in life here, so I will survive (hey, hey!).  I must check with my neighbour whether she needs anything.

All of which has absolutely nothing to do with this blog.  Sorry!

I have just been informed that, due to my own stupidity, my domain name is now stuck where it is for the next 60 days.  Then I can move it to the provider with whom I plan to build my website.  Maybe this is a blessing in disguise as it will stop me trying to do everything at once and giving myself a massive brain ache.

In the meantime, having started these pages yesterday I feel the need to follow the tutorial offered on the site; so that’s what I will be doing this morning, with a steaming cup of hot chocolate at my side…


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