Humble beginnings, big plans!


One of my cute fabric corsages made from charity shop finds (washed!)

I’ve been in the process of setting up an upcycling business for a while now but have never taken the time to actually ‘get it out there’.  This week I have transferred my domain name to a new provider ready to build a new website, and started this blog. So it is with some trepidation and a bit of a jargon-induced headache that I write this.

A typical GlamUpcycling week would involve a rummage through a selection of charity shops, washing and ironing my finds, designing products, writing kit instructions and making up prototypes.  And, of course, making stock to sell at future markets and via my website (under construction – and that’s another aspect of my week!).

I’ve done all this before and it’s become a familiar process.  What’s new is that this time I plan to do something called “marketing” as well so that a few people might actually become aware of GlamUpcycling.  Genius – I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before!

Everybody I meet in the crafting world says that you HAVE to have a strong on-line presence and interact on-line as much as you can.  Although I did build myself a simple website before, I never got round to telling the world it was there so I might just as well not have bothered.  With my new site I will conquer the world!

Speaking of conquering the world, I was in Rome for a few days this month.  What a beautiful city – neither words nor pictures can do it justice.  What struck me was that although we chose to meander through back streets, we never came across one run-down, sleazy area.  Everything was gently faded, somewhat jumbled in places, but always lovely.  And on our last day I came across the ice cream parlour of my dreams.  Over 100 flavours of ice creams, mousses and sorbets.  And little tables to sit at outside to rest while enjoying the wares.

Ah, Rome.  Everybody should go.  Preferably not all at once.  Do try to form an orderly queue…

But I digress.  I have just finished clearing out my “cupboard of all things” so that I can really get organised.  I have the tiniest table to work at because I live in the tiniest house, but this will only help me to be creative.  I have always loved small spaces.

I am aware that I want to add pictures here of parts of my tiny home, my “cupboard of all things” and other inspirational things but this is my first blog and, like a child learning to walk, I tire easily!  So I promise to add more interest another day.  But for now I’m all blogged out…


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